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Mu Healing Nerve Pain Relief Mood Energy Boost Supplements

Nerve+Pain Relief Capsules | 30 count

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30 capsules | 500mg per capsule

Our Nerve+Pain Relief formula combines restorative herbs to reduce inflammation and treat nerve pain.

It also comes from a very personal story...
Sarah, Mu Healing's cofounder and herbalist, created this formula for her younger brother Christopher who suffers from nerve damage as a result of a botched lung surgery. He was prescribed four daily pain medications that had begun to wear on his liver. During Sarah's herbalism apprenticeship, she began researching herbs that sped up nerve regeneration to aide in Christopher's recovery and came up with a powerful recipe incorporating herbs, fruit and fungi to not only regulate inflammation but simultaneously soothe the central nervous system and boost the body's natural immunity.

This formula can be taken on a daily basis and does not interfere with other pain medications.

Adults take 3 capsules twice daily with or without food.

Turmeric root (*), lion's mane mushroom (*), ashwagandha root(*), reishi mushroom (*), black pepper (*)

*Certified organic

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Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant.

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