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Our Story


Co-founders Sarah and Tiffany met when they were 7 and 8 years old, respectively, and have remained lifelong friends.

Since high school, the two have maintained vastly different lifestyles only to find themselves converging at a common path years later — a profound passion in the healing arts.

Sarah is a Community Herbalist based in New York and uses her knowledge of various plant medicines to create custom formularies with and for clients. She apprenticed in Spiritual Herbalism with Master Herbalist Karen Rose of Sacred Vibes in Brooklyn, NY.

With a background in education, she teaches herbalism workshops in collaboration with others on the same mission — creating access to herbal medicine and providing an herbal care network for those in need.

Tiffany is a graphic designer who, in 2017, left her 9-to-5 in tech and life in San Francisco to fulfill her dreams of long-term travel. It was during this 2-year sojourn that she realized her passion in wellness and healing. At the start of her trip, she completed a 200-hour YTT in Ubud which, as part of the curriculum, included a program on Ayurveda with Dr. Sujatha Kekada of Amrtasiddhi... and became hooked.

In October 2019, Tiffany moved to New York to grow Mu Healing with Sarah and study traditional medicine.

With Sarah’s growing knowledge of herbalism and Tiffany's experience in business operations and design, they plan to continue diversifying Mu Healing's product line based on people’s needs; make plant medicine accessible as they continue to harness the profound healing powers of plants; and use this website as an educational resource on herbalism and wellness.

Learn about our mission here.