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Salud | Seasonal Allergies
Salud | Seasonal Allergies

Salud | Seasonal Allergies

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1 fl oz. | 30 ml

Salud is supports seasonal allergies and sinus problems. Nettles has long been used to treat against allergy symptoms as well as being rich in Vitamin K and flushing our systems of toxins. Rosemary is anti-viral besides relieving allergy and asthmatic symptoms. Oregan graperoot works to reduce chronic allergies over time.

Sweet, nourishing, anise undertones.

Shake vigorously to loosen any sediments that may have collected. Start with 1-2 dropperfuls distributed under the tongue and repeat 3 times a day. Herbs need time to acquaint themselves with your body so we suggest daily use as a preventative method against colds and flus.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, add tincture to hot tea or water so the alcohol evaporates.

The combination of herbs in this formula works to reduce allergy symptoms with use over time. Ingesting local bee pollen and honey is beneficial for acclimating your bodies system to local pollens and allergens. 

nettles (*, +), rosemary (*, +), Oregan graperoot (*, +), bee pollen (*,),local New York honey (*), brandy

*Certified organic