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Recipe: 2-Ingredient Burdock Vinegar Tonic for Liver Detox

I finished my bottle of our Liver & Skin Detox Vinegar and as we're waiting for our next batch to finish brewing, I made a shortened version to hold me over. The "recipe" is super straightforward and everything you need is stated in the title: burdock. (Apple cider) vinegar. Voila!

16 oz bottle unfiltered apple cider vinegar (organic if possible)
8-10" fresh burdock root, sliced at an angle (available at most Chinese/Japanese/Korean markets)⁣

Glass jar or bottle with lid⁣
Veggie peeler⁣

burdock root and apple cider vinegar for liver and skin detox

1. Peel the burdock⁣
2. Slice into 1/4mm thick slices⁣
3. Combine burdock slices with apple cider vinegar⁣
4. Shake⁣
Allow to sit for at least 2-3 days before administering⁣.

Also make sure to shake it at least once a day. Keep it in a cool, shaded area in your kitchen and whenever you pass it, show it some love!

burdock root for liver and skin detox vinegar

I used fresh burdock root in this instance because it was available to me and it's a small batch to be drunk in the next 2 weeks. When making tinctures and tonics, dried herbs are best since fresh herbs' / plants' water content is very high which destabilizes the formula and shortens shelf life so keep that in mind when making your own recipes.

Suggested use:
We suggest taking 1-2 tbsps every morning at room temp on an empty stomach followed by a glass of water! If the flavor is too strong on its own, then mix it in a cup of room temperature water. If you’re using fresh burdock in your ACV (vs dried burdock), refrigerate the bottle after 5 days.

Why burdock + vinegar?
ACV helps the liver eliminate waste cuz the acid in ACV binds to toxins in the liver and flushes them out.

Burdock root helps detoxify the liver by removing toxins from your bloodstream. It’s a great digestive aid and helps reduce bloating.

👆🏽These are just a couple of key points!

To properly flush out your liver it’s important to stick to the routine which means drinking 1-2 tbsp daily (mixed with or followed by a glass of water). Prolonged alcohol intake (amongst a million other foods and exposures) wears on the liver so this isn’t an overnight fix. The body needs time to recalibrate so cutting back on alcohol will also speed up the detox process.

For me the most noticeable effect is my skin... taking this daily has done immense wonders on preventing breakouts which is directly correlated to your liver not properly clearing / processing toxins.

burdock root apple cider vinegar

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  • Could you please tell me if I need to get 8-10 long burdock roots to make it with apple cider vineagar?Because I thought it would be a lot for 16 oz of vinegar to make it into tonic.
    Thank you,


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