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The Breakdown: Calm Balm

Calm Balm Ointment was created for skin dryness leading to itchiness, irritation, and swelling due to inflammation. It's a great topical for daily use on affected areas.

Full spectrum CBD-infused coconut oil (**, *) contains lauric acid, a fatty acid in coconut oil with anti-bacterial properties that eradicate pesky acne-producing bacterias like Propionibacterium which triggers inflammation leading to breakouts on the face and body. CBD is a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent which, when absorbed topically, hones in on the isolated area to bind with your body's endocannabinoid receptors to reduce swelling caused by inflammation.

Beeswax is rich in vitamin A, acting as a hydrating moisturizer while creating a protective barrier over the skin. It also acts as a stabilizer in formulations.

Shea Butter is used here for its ultra-moisturizing benefits. It also tests high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Witch Hazel extract possesses anti-septic and anti-irritant properties which removes excess oils from the skin, cleaning pores and removing any trapped dirt.

Chamomile is a potent wound-healer that speeds up the drying of broken surfaces and promotes epithelialization which is an essential process of wound closure. It is also shown to be gentle yet effective in treating atopic eczema.

Tea tree essential oil calms redness, swelling, and inflammation. It contains terpenoids which have antiseptic and antifungal properties and is traditionally used to heal surface wounds like cuts, burns and infections.

Calendula oil boosts collagen in infected areas and is gentle on sensitive and new skin. It increases blood flow to skin cells and promotes growth of granulation tissue in repairing skin from wounds, rashes, burns and irritations.

Frankincense oil penetrates cells and speeds up cell regeneration. Boswellic acid is the main active agent found in Frankincense resin which has terpenoids to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Vitamin E oil is key in blocking free radicals from the skin which is the main cause of aging skin. It helps to regenerate new skin and reduces the appearance of scars over time.


Start with a small scoop and massage into the area where pain occurs to melt the product and increase circulation to the area. Apply liberally and as needed.

Test on a small area and monitor for reactions before applying.

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Mu Healing Calm Balm with CBD Ointment for Swelling and Skin Irritation

Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.