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Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

Common Names: wig plant, may fern

Family: Asteraceae

Parts Used: flower, essential oil. German - medicine. Roman - essential oil.

Constituents: essential oil - German: azuline (rare, blue), coumarin, flavonoids, tannins, bitter principle, calcium, triptofan

Medicinal Actions: bitter, aromatic, sedative, relaxant, nervine, anodyne, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, carminative, febrifuge, diaphoretic, antihistamine, anti cancer

Medicinal Use: Camomile modulates inflammation in the body and eases the nervous system for things such as insomnia, stress. It relaxes your guy and helps with indigestion, any stress related to digestion, relaxes your gut so you can digest your food, gastritis, colitis, ibs. Aids in  physical & mention tension & spasms, canker sores, gum diseases, pink eye - eye wash, ulcers.

Contraindications: Pregnanacy, certain anti anxiety drugs - because it has tryptophan. Ragweed allergies.