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mu healing tincture collection protection kit 4 pieces

Protection Kit ($78 Value) | 4 Pcs.

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Consider this your Plant Medicine Starter Kit.

All three tinctures can be taken simultaneously or separately but our tincture-taking rule of thumb applies: 2-4 ml, 3 times per day throughout the day, either under or on the tongue. Squeeze the bulb of the pipette and release. This will fill 1/2 the dropper which yields approx. 1ml. Take alone, with tea, or with water.

Herbs have a synergistic effect when combined so it's perfectly fine to experiment with multiple tinctures at once. If you're new to tinctures, here's a quick breakdown.

This set contains:

1 oz. Liquid Armour Tincture for Immunity Boost (Retails at $18)
1 oz. Speak Your Truth Tincture for Sore Throats (Retails at $18)
1 oz. Om Tincture with CBD for Anxiety Relief (Retails at $30)
0.5 oz. Antiviral Balm for Cold Sore Relief (Retails at $12)

We never use synthetic ingredients in our products. No additives to enhance scent, flavor, or appearance. Our binding agent is beeswax when necessary so when 'imperfections' -- cracks, shrinkage -- appear, that's beeswax doin' its thing.